D. Hughes Industrial Roller Doors Limited operates a service contract scheme

All roller shutter doors are an everyday piece of machinery in the operation of almost every industrial building, commercial premises and residential premises. If a roller shutter door is not maintained properly it can become extremely dangerous and, if un-useable, can even stop your business operations. To comply with Health & Safety regulations and to keep within our warranty it is strongly recommended that all roller shutter doors be serviced in accordance with the frequency they are used.

Prompt service and repairs will avoid unnecessary stress on components, which could lead to premature wear or failure.

SERVICING recommendations

The following recommendations are for the service and maintenance to ensure the door remains safe and in full working order throughout its operating life. The frequency depends on its use.

Door cycles per day (1 cycle = up & down) & Recommended service period

  • 15

    Up to 15 cycles

    Every 12 months

  • 30

    15 - 30 cycles

    Every 6 months

  • 45

    30 - 45 cycles

    Every 4 months

  • 50

    Over 45 cycles

    Every 3 months

WARNING: Activities, which interfere with any part of the door that is under tension must not be undertaken by untrained personnel. Interference with these components can be dangerous and should only be undertaken by trained personnel as part of regular maintenance.


Door Curtain:

  • Check end locks for wear and tear

  • Check general condition of door curtain.

  • Check laths for signs of wear or damage.

  • Check wind anchors are secure (if installed)

  • Check that end locks fixed to the end of laths are secure.

  • Check seal on bottom rail section.

  • Check bottom rail section for wear or damage

  • Check that curtain runs smoothly in the guides

  • Check the operation of any locking devices fitted

  • Check curtain is securely fastened to barrel assembly

Side Guides

  • Check all fixings are secure

  • Check for dirt build up within the guide

  • Check guide channel is secure and tight

  • Check condition of guide channel and straighten any slight deformations

  • Check any chain keeps fitted

  • Check guide stops at high level.

  • Grease guide channel if necessary

  • Check that the door curtain feeds into the guides smoothly and correctly

End Plates & Barrel Assembly at High Level

  • Check fixings are secure.

  • Check and lubricate all gearing

  • Check all grub screws and keys

  • Check and lubricate drive chain if fitted

  • Check the barrel is securely fastened to the endplates

  • Check the endplates for wear and tear or damage and are tight

  • Check haul chain (if fitted)

  • Check condition of safety brake if fitted.

  • Check that coil casing is securely fixed (if installed)

  • Check for wear or damage to any shafts, lubricate if necessary

  • Check barrel for correct tension. Re-tension barrel assembly if required to correctly balance the door curtain.

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