Shutters for warehouses and farms

At D. Hughes Industrial Roller Doors, we manufacture and install heavy-duty shutters and doors that can withstand adverse weather conditions and rough and frequent use. We provide chain operated roller shutter doors and industrial roller shutters to the agricultural industry. Our high-quality products and excellent customer service has helped us built a strong relationship with our clients. Our customers in the steel building and agricultural sectors include Meyrick & Powell, Crickhowell, D.S.D Buildings in Somerset and Supercraft, Hereford.

Electric & chain-operated shutters

We supply commercial, industrial and farm building roller shutter doors in various finishes which include galvanised, plastic coated or powder coated, and in a variety of colours. The operation of the garage doors can be electric or chain operated based on your specifications. Contact us for more information on our range of products.


Door fitting service in Merthyr Tydfil

We offer a door fitting service to ensure a perfect finish. Our electric doors are fitted with a manual over-ride facility in the event of a power failure. Our range of products includes football stands, windows and farm rolling shutters. With over 20 years of experience, you can count on us to meet your specific requirements.

Excalibur expanding security grilles

Our range of Excalibur expanding security grilles are made from galvanised steel, providing security with ventilation. Ideal for homes and commercial properties, our security grilles come in a range of colours and sizes to complement your home. You can arrange for our team to visit your property. We will design and manufacture expandable security grilles based on your specific requirements. We also offer repair and maintenance services for customers across the Merthyr Tydfil area.

Meeting your requirements

Each bespoke grille is manufactured to meet size requirements, has a smooth quiet operation and can be finished in a variety of standard colours. We only use quality steel to make sure that our products meet British standards. You can rest assured knowing that our expanding security grilles undergo rigorous testing for performance and durability.


Our security grill Features

If you are planning to install security grilles for your home or business, just give us a call and we'll be happy to offer our advice. We also manufacture bespoke lath and angle products.

  • The grilles can be fitted internally or externally

  • The curtain can be folded to either side (single stack) or both sides (double stack)

  • The grille can be opened from either side and can be moved to the left or right as required

Made-to-measure sectional overhead & high speed doors

Made-to-measure sectional overhead & high speed doors
Do you want to install a sectional overhead door or high speed door for your building? The experts at D. Hughes Industrial Roller Doors install insulated sectional doors which meet all building regulation and quality requirements. 

A swift and efficient service

  • Insulated sectional overhead door panels have a thermal performance that is greater than required by building regulations

  • Windows can be installed in single or multiple panels

  • Panels can be prefinished in an extensive range of colours and materialscan be installed in single or multiple panels

  • Accidentally damaged doors can be easily repaired using replacement materials and components

  • Accidentally damageaFor full information on our industrial sectional overhead doors please see the PDF in the downloads section of the site.d doors can be easily repaired using replacement materials and components

Shutter door or roller door and concrete floor of Commercial Bui

We Supply

  • Maximum door size up to 42sq.m

  • Doors over 5,000 wide supplied with double hardware and extended side seals to combat the effects of thermal bow

  • Doors over 6,000 wide supplied with wind bracing

  • Windows supplied one per full meter wide up to 5 per panel

  • All doors fitted with spring and cable brake safety devices as standard

Sectional Doors

  • Electrically operated roller shutters

  • Manually operated roller shutter garage doors

  • Automatic roller shutters

  • Remote control roller shutters

  • Insulated roller shutter garage doors

All electrically operated roller shutters are fitted with a manual over-ride facility in the event of a power failure. Browse through our gallery to take a look at our range of roller doors, security shutters and expanding grilles.


Click the button below to view the Sectional doors specification pdf

Supply and installation of security shutters in Merthyr Tydfil

D. Hughes Industrial Roller Doors specialises in manufacturing, installing and maintaining a wide range of shop front security shutters and grilles. Our shutters and grilles come in a range of finishes and colours and can be manufactured to be fitted internally or externally. We also offer service contracts and undertake insurance claims. We make sure that our security shutters and grilles are fitted to the highest standard, giving you peace of mind and value for money. Over the years, we have installed security shutters for chemist shops, fish and chip shops, public houses and local authorities and our customers include A & J. M. Sheppard Chemists and Baptt Shopfitters.

Assistance with planning permission

Depending on the type and location of your property, you might require planning permission to install shop front shutters. If planning permission is required, we advise you to get in touch with your local authority with all the specifications. Our experts can provide you with all the details and advise you on how best to approach your local authority. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our team.

red roller shutters
atm lath

Our range of shop fronts includes:

  • Solid lath roller shutters

  • Perforated lath roller shutters

  • Internal security door shutters

  • Brick bond punched lath roller shutters

  • Brick bond counter bar shutters

  • Expanding security grilles

Roller door installation and repair in Merthyr Tydfil

At D. Hughes Industrial Roller Doors, we supply space-saving industrial roller shutters to commercial customers throughout South Wales. We manufacture and install a range of industrial roller shutter doors that are designed to secure your property. Our commercial and industrial roller shutter doors are available in various finishes which include galvanised, plastic coated and powder coated. You can choose from electric, key-operated and remote or switch controlled roller doors that are made-to-measure to meet your specific requirements. In addition to roller door installation, we also offer service contracts to make sure that your property is well-protected at all times. 

blue roller door
roller shutters on windows

Steel hinge and fire exit doors

Our electrically operated doors come with a manual over-ride facility in the event of a power failure. Fitted with bottom rubber weather seals, brush guides, wind guides and wind locks, our doors can withstand extreme weather conditions. Your security and peace of mind is our priority. We have many satisfied customers and most of our work comes from repeat business and recommendations.
We also install a range of security doors, from steel hinge doors to fire exit doors. Our team will make sure that your door is fitted to a high standard and we offer 1 year guarantee on all our products. If there is an issue with your roller door, our technicians can identify the fault and fix it quickly. Get in touch with us for more information on the services we offer.
A closeup shot of automatic metal roller door used in factory, s

Keeping your commercial premises safe

  • Electrical conversions

  • Fire roller shutter doors

  • Industrial roller shutter doors

  • Insulated industrial roller shutter doors

  • Automatic roller shutter industrial doors

  • Chain operated industrial roller shutter doors

Made-to-measure garage doors in Merthyr Tydfil

D. Hughes Industrial Roller Doors specialises in bespoke garage doors. We supply and install a wide range of garage roller shutters and have established ourselves through recommendations from domestic customers throughout South Wales and the surrounding areas. Our CE marked doors are designed to incorporate space-saving features and are rigorously tested for durability.

Our garage doors are available in various finishes which include galvanised, plastic coated or powder coated, and in a variety of colours. We provide a professional but friendly service. Whatever your requirements, our doors offer excellent value for money. Get in touch with us to find out about our range of products. We have a garage door to suit every taste and budget.

Repair and maintenance service

At D. Hughes Industrial Roller Doors, we offer a garage door repair service for customers in the Merthyr Tydfil area. Our engineers can repair garage doors, roller shutters and security grilles. Offering a polite and professional service, our experienced team specialises in all aspects of garage door repairs. We believe in offering our customers quality and are always looking for ways to save them money.

garage roller door
silver roller door

Types of roller doors we supply

All electrically operated roller shutters are fitted with a manual over-ride facility in the event of a power failure. Browse through our gallery to take a look at our range of roller doors, security shutters and expanding grilles.

  • Electrically operated roller shutters

  • Manually operated roller shutter garage doors

  • Automatic roller shutters

  • Remote control roller shutters

  • Insulated roller shutter garage doors

High-quality CE approved doors

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) came into force on 1st July 2013. From this date, all new industrial doors (except fire-resisting doors) must have a Declaration of Performance and carry the CE marking based on their performance against the essential characteristics in harmonised standard EN 13241-1:2003. The Declaration of Performance lists the performance of doors in a table which is clear and easy to compare with completing products and with specifier's requirements. It is a criminal offence to install new garage, industrial, and commercial roller shutter doors if it does not have the CE mark.

residential roller door
blue roller doors

CE marked doors for homes and offices

At D. Hughes Industrial Roller Doors, we take great pride in the fact that all our products are fully compliant with the set regulations and carry the CE mark. We supply and install CE approved doors for homes and commercial buildings in Merthyr Tydfil and the surrounding areas. Contact us for more information on the benefits of installing our garage doors and security grilles.

Benefits of installing CE approved doors

  • You will have the peace of mind that the product has been checked to ensure it complies with relevant product safety legislation (including health and safety and environmental legislation)

  • Building Regulations compliance made easier thanks to Declaration of Performance

  • You will be installing a legal product that meets relevant legislation

  • CE marked doors undergo a number of compliance checks for performance and durability

  • Easy to accurately compare performance characteristics between different doors

Sectional Garage Doors made in Merthyr Tydfil

Insulated Sectional Garage Doors give guaranteed high thermal performance, avoiding cold bridging compared with traditional roller shutters. Sectional Garage Doors open vertically which means you can park your car right up to the door and with no door frame, you have increased drive through height.

Panels can be pre-finished in an extensive range of colours and materials. Windows can be installed in single or multiple panels. Accidentally damaged doors can be easily repaired using replacement materials and components.

White garage doors

Weatherproof & Energy Efficient doors

40mm thick panels with high-density polyurethane foam provide excellent thermal and sound insulation. Flexible and weather resistant seals on all 4 sides keep warm in and external elements out.

Safety and Security

Panels designed with Fingertip Protection to help prevent injury. Electrically operated doors are self-monitoring and stop if an obstacle is detected. For security door cannot be forced open when in the closed position.


Windows & Accessories

We offer a customised product with our great range of windows and accessories - from affordable acrylic windows to turn a garage into a hobby room with natural light or elegant stainless steel windows to add a touch of class to the front of a property.

Types of sectional garage doors

Panel Finishes:

White - RAL9016:

  • Flat

  • Evoline

White - RAL9010: 

  • Cassette Woodgrain Embossed

  • Flat Woodgrain Embossed

Anthracite - RAL7016:

  • Flat

  • Evoline


  • Flat

  • Evoline

Golden Oak:

  • Flat

  • Evoline

Other Panel Finishes:

  • Flat Woodgrain Embossed

  • Cassette Woodgrain Embossed

OSA Sectional garage doors

Have a look at the OSA Sectional garage doors Brochure

Gliderol sectional garage door

Have a look at the Gliderol sectional garage door Brochure

SWS sectional garage doors

Have a look at the SWS sectional garage doors Brochure

PVC strip curtains in Merthyr Tydfil

At D. Hughes Industrial Roller Doors, we offer high-quality PVC strip curtains which deliver the easiest and most economical way to cut energy bills, protect goods and equipment from adverse environmental conditions and improve workplace health & safety in areas where uninterrupted passage is essential.

We offer a wide range of standard sized PVC curtain kits that are available to buy off the shelf, in addition to bespoke PVC curtains for larger or more unusual doors, openings and partitions. Get in touch with us for more details.

wood grain
plastic curtains

About our PVC

All products are made using high quality PVC. This guarantees every PVC curtain, strip, roll or sheet we supply will have outstanding see-through qualities and allow light to pass through with minimum distortion. They will also provide unbeatable energy-saving performance, be hardwearing and long lasting.

NOTE: Where you hang PVC can affect its longevity. We always assume (unless told otherwise) that curtains will be fitted internally, suspended behind doors or openings. This is what we recommend to ensure maximum life-span. If they’re fitted outside of a doorway or building, fully exposed to the elements 24/7… they can deteriorate and lose clarity more quickly. The rate of this will depend entirely on the severity of the location environment.

Our Standard and Ribbed PVC range are ideal for every type of use from light pedestrian to heavy use by forklifts. We also offer Polargrade PVC for use in freezers, frosted PVC, perforated PVC and anti-UV PVC. All come in several grades, sizes and colours to optimise their use and performance in a wide range of situations.

Key facts

  • High impact resistance. (Tough enough to stand up to continual hard use.)

  • Working temperature range -15ºC to +50ºC (Can be used in all areas.)

  • Polargrade option stays flexible and resists cracking to -25ºC

  • Highly effective noise barrier as well and temperature one

  • Competitively priced (Affordable today, long term value for the future)

Gliderol Up and Over doors

Have a look at the titled up & over doors brochure

Steel Up & Over Garage doors

Steel Up & Over Garage doors are a timeless and reliable choice. Choose a style and colour and you have a strong and secure door that will look good for years to come with the minimum of effort.

Doors supplied with canopy gear as standard up to 9’ wide with the option of Retractable up to 14’ wide.

We’ve added new styles to our range, why not let the light in with our glazed doors? Window designs are all supplied with Pilkington K stippled safety glass with a choice of decorative inserts.

All Gliderol Garage Doors are CE marked and comply fully with current safety legislation. Canopy doors feature an anti-drop device in the unlikely event that a lifting cable should fail. Every door is factory finished for excellent corrosion resistance.

Sliding/Folding Doors

Folding doors with side-folding systems without lateral door floor guide are a valid solution to close openings up to 9250 mm wide. Totally designed by GIESSE UK, these doors can open at 90° or 180°. Manually or automated.

On request, they can be equipped with different size portholes, the pedestrian door can be inserted in the panel or used as emergency exit cut leaf. The 52 mm thick insulated doors are produced in-house using cutting-edge technology, in particular, the pre-painted steel sheet, is initially subject to a special thermomagnetic treatment named “Corona Effect”, with the purpose of reactivating the primer molecules of the sheet itself, favouring the opening of pores and determining perfect adherence of the polyurethane foam to the inner side of the sheet.

Smooth pre-painted galvanized sheet 7/10 thick, with a scratch-resistant film available in standard colours: RAL 9002 White/Grey, RAL 6005 Green, RAL 3000 Red, RAL 5010 Blue, RAL 9006 Grey, RAL 7016 Grey, Light Oak Wood Effect. The same materials and technology Are used for folding doors with lower floor guide, which is necessary because of the size of the doors, even wider than 20 meters; sliding doors without floor guide are the result of a specific GIESSE study, for making the assembly as easy as possible; available with single or double leaves, they can cover up to 20 meters in width.

Sliding/Folding Doors

Have a look at the Sliding/Folding doors brochure

Steel Hinge Doors

Steel Personnel Doors
Slimline Glazed Steel Doors
Slimline Glazed Aluminium Doors
GRP / Composite Doors
Stock Doors
Fire Rated Doors
Security Rated Doors
Flood Rated Doors
Acoustic Doors
Fire Rated Doors
Project Management & SUpport Services

Steel Hinge Doors

Have a look at the steel hinge doors brochure

Insulated Roller Garage Doors

Have a look at the insulated roller garage doors brochure.

Insulated Roller Garage Doors

Blending the convenience of power operation with smooth, vertical opening and the benefits of insulation, the insulated Garage Door provides the perfect solution for any garage.

Manufactured from foam filled aluminium lath, available in twenty standard colours and fourteen wood effect foil finishes, you can be confident that there is a Garage Door to suit your requirements and enhance your property.

Controlled by a unique intelligent remote control system, operation is simply effortless. Additional benefits include security, reduction in heat loss and exterior noise whilst freeing up valuable garage and driveway space. A vehicle can be parked within 50mm of the door without disrupting operation. Committed to offering the perfect garage door, all insulated Garage Doors are manufactured using the highest quality components and safety is never compromise.


Need a New industrial roller door?

D. Hughes Industrial Roller Doors manufactures roller shutters and garage doors in a range of finishes.
Contact our team in Merthyr Tydfil on 01685 388 626 to place your order.